Friday, January 20, 2006

It's all gonna break

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm taking a little break from studying, and figured I'd listen to this here tune.

I've been obsessed with this song since I first saw Broken Social Scene open up for Dinosaur Jr. in Central Park last summer. They are one of these large rock bands with horns and keyboards and proably someone just banging on sticks in the back. This song in particular has been useful, I know the lyrics don't sound all that uplifting but it's sort of a celebration of the futility of life. Accepting that the good in life is inescapably linked to the bad. Well anyway here's the lyrics to the afformentioned song, a little cryptic and a little less effective without the music but... they're playing next weekend here in New York, I'm pretty sure they're sold out but if you can get hands on tickets I would strongly suggest it.

It's all... gonna break
Well It's all... gonna break,

When I was a kid
You fucked me in the ass
But I took my pen to my paper
And I passed you

You know I love this shit
'Cause the shit tastes so good
I've got cops just waiting in the woods

'Cause it's all...gonna break
It's all... gonna Break.

Singers like the sound
Sounds like, oh well?
I know times like these are the hell, and
Waiting through tricks
The tricks look so good
I've got everyone's waiting in the woods

They try to climb away
and call me over
The skies are red
And the skies are sober
Minds they fade
And minds roll over
It's good...

And I know that you're dying
I know that it's true
I know that there's seven thousand things
That you'd (rather be and) rather do

And I know
That you fuck
What you love
And you love
What you fuck

I'll keep 'em (all) good
I'll keep it true
I'll do everything 'cause
I obviously love you

'Cause I know
That the sound
Of your heart
Is a god
I can trust
Like a man
Not a boy

I don't know
I'll just die
When the fire goes out
in ourselves

'Cause it's all...gonna break

You want, you want
The lovely music
To save your life...

Keep it coming
There is no lie
To save your life
Keep it coming

This is the lie
To save your life

Why are you always fucking ghosts...

It's been such a long life
that we trust
Your heart
Is it whole
And love
Is just lust
You want
But you can't
You can't

Cause I feel
We've got
To get
Out of here

And why are you always,
Why are you allways,
Why, Why, Why....


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