Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haven't been here for a good long while.

So while I was out.

Watchmen was brilliant... it makes me sad that the American people almost spent more on the opening weekend of the new wolverine movie than they did in Watchman's entire run.

The Bulls made an incredible run at the Celtics. It was epic... but I only got to watch one game.

I saw role models on DVD. Shit that was funny... With all the good comedy that came out last year (Tropic Thunder, Pinapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Hamlet 2, Zack and Miri Shoot a Porno, In Burges)This movie holds it's own. It actually made me like the dude who played stifler in those god awful American pie movies and that's no small feat.

I hate people who honk their horns all the time unnecessarily when stuck in traffic. (this is a side effect of living near the entrance to a parkway, subway and bridge all within a block) Anyway, so I was driving on 24th avenue in my lovely Astoria and was stopped at a red light. There was a guy doubled parked so that oncoming traffic would have a problem. Well anyway this meat head lookin' kid (somewhere between 17 and 22) is driving his mommy or daddy's black SUV (why do the people who drive the black SUV's seem like even bigger douche bags... is it cause they are?) and trying to turn left around this double parked car.

he goes in his dickmobile.

So I look at the guy and put my arms up like "what the hell are you doing?"

He pulls up and says "well this guy wont get out of my way."

I respond, in my politest tone (those of you who know me my politest tone is actually quite difficult for me) "I don't know if you are aware of this, but when yoiu lay into your horn like that it's not just this idiot who can hear you, and he's obviously not going anywhere, it's all the folks who live around here. Could you ease up on the horn a little in residential neighborhoods?"

"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK! HOOOOOOOOOOOONK! HONK! HONK!" was his response. And he had that really self satisfied look on his face that said "I won.... and I was funny." His girlfriend in the pasanger seat looked pretty annoyed with him, so after his honking fit I leaned out my window... Light turning green in front of me and said..."You must love this guy, Cause he's one hell of a big prick." To the sound of giggles I drive away.

Went to Montreal... Lovely city... for a conference (The Society for Behavioral Medicine, if you must know). Kudos to you Mount Royal citizens... your city is fun and polite. (Rachel even commented no one honks their horn there even though the traffic is the most god awful I have ever seen)

I was awarded an NRSA predoctoral grant. Essentially this means the federal government right now thinks I'm going to be a good scientist.

As homer would say,

Congratulate me on the first of many times your tax dollars will fund my crap.

That's all for now... hopefully my life will slow down enough for me to do this again. Rachel might blog about the Montreal trip, and I am leaving for Peru for a little over two weeks, So I'm sure I will babbler on and on about that.


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