Monday, January 23, 2006

Well that sucked

So I picked up a friend of my mind this morning at eight feeling confident. She was proctoring the exam and I sspent and hour or so going over cards... I knew what I set out to know. I could cover any of the main neuropsychological illness, any major neurotransmitter system, anything involving dopamine, all the major neurotransmitter systems, I could spot anyone with dementia from 100 yards, receptors, second messangers, sensory system transduction, attention, working memory, blah blah and blah and obviously after the last three weeks I had developed a certain intimate familiarity with emotional issues.

Then I got test. 1 question from a class I don't even have to take. Two questions with large portions not stressed in class, one that I should have studied more (my bad) and one that I thought no way in hell would they put that on there. So I went outside to have a smoke and vent off a bit. Then I went back upstairs and did the best with the knowledge that was in my head. Most likely I failed, I give myself a 5% chance of passing... I wouldn't pass me.

So there's some sort of apeals process... So I still might have another shot at it. I'm not a good loser, so hopefully I can get one more shot at it. I can't believe I've carried a 3.9 in a program (It be over 4, if A+ counted) and was not able to pass the test. I really don't like failure.

Well that's it for know. Gonna drink a Guinness tonight, and tomorrow I will clean up the mess of my apartment... and hopfelly hit the reset button as start somthing new.

It is good to have one worry out of my way... lord knows I got enough right now.



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