Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Mountain Goats

Like a gigantic spokesperson for emotional, nerdy guys everywhere, John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, absolutely tore the roof off the Bowery on Monday. No he didn't play Cubs in Five... the little bitch... but he was fantastic.

Looking like Bill Gates in ripped clothes, John ripped through a set including a lot of old tunes... and a few new ones. Going to Queens was one I hadn't heard in the 5 or so times I'd seen the band, have to admit it got me choked up a bit. A lot of the angrier songs sounded particularly good, songs like Up With Wolves where bass player Peter Hughes got to show off a little. His banter is unparalleled, telling meandering stories to the crowd, giving them relationship advise that he is aware the crowd will not take. But where the show struck me most was in the quieter songs, in particular one of the new ones, and Your Belgian Things. It was so quiet in the Bowery that he walked away from the mike and sang to the crowd without it. The only sound you could here was the floorboards creaking. There was no clanking of beer bottles, talking, or even whispering, just a audience in rapt attention. I have never seen such a respectful crowd, not even at a mountain goats show. So if you were at the show give yourself a round of applause for being the best show crowd I've ever been to.

Again Mountain Goats crowd participation is unbelievable, unprecedented, and unequaled... to get a crowd to scream out "HAIL SATAN!" and "I HOPE WE ALL DIE." is just a beautiful thing. I just love when a band has fans that you don't have to beg them... or tell them what to do... the fans just love being able to belt out the tune.

For Hail Satan!

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