Thursday, September 20, 2007

Turkey Trip (Part 1 : Flying there)

So I left for Turkey the usual way, taking the E train to the monorail. While on the train Rachel turns to me and asks "Do you Want to get married now?"

I looked over at her... hesitated and said, "I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

She looked at me like I was a complete boob and said "I meant should I put on my fake wedding ring now?" Well at least I hesitated.

The flight was on British Airways, so I got to watch Dr. Who on the flight. We landed in London after circling Heathrow for about 45 minutes. The reputation the British have for being polite was tested. A guy manning a train into the city could barely look up from a newspaper to tell us how to get into the city. At an information desk someone was sorely misinformed or just outright lied to us about the existence of a night bus to and from the airport. Finally we found a guy @ the underground ticket booth who explained us where we could get a bite to eat and catch a beer.

We left for West Hanslow, an Indian neighborhood in London. We stopped at a god awful pub... and we caught a beer. After last call we wondered around looking for a place to eat. We ended up at this Indian place that was absolutely fabulous. After that we wondered around drinking on the street and having a general blast. After that we took the night bus back to Heathrow and drank one last beer in a handicapped bathroom, where both of us misread a sign that said "nappy waste" (Nappy is British for pooh filled diapers) as "Happy waste" (the concept of which was rather amusing to me).

After hanging out with a British guy who came back from Russia with too many packs of cigarettes and too many bottles of Vodka, and a bunch of Michigan college girls on holiday, I got very little sleep and started the mad push to get into the airport. The British once again showed their lack of politeness. Pushing and shoving people out of their way to get into the terminal and get a 9 dollar late from Starbucks. When we finally got onto the plane we got one of the most disgusting breakfasts ever. Microwaved steak eggs and potatoes on a bed of rotten microwaved tomatoes. Oh well... at least British food lives up to it's reputation, even if it's people don't.


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