Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holy Shit it's the 90's. BTS, Dino Jr., Meat Puppets @ Terminal 5

So last night I saw one of the most solid line ups I have ever seen. The Meat Puppets, followed by Dinosaur Jr., followed by Built to Spill performing all of Perfect From Now On. Add the Flaming Lips (With Ronald Jones back in the band) and the show would have been absolutely perfect and I would have arranged for my death somewhere near the durring the Lips doin' "Mountainside."

The Meat Puppets started off... and were pretty fricking awesome. Curt (aged 49) was wearing sweatpants which is allways a sign that comfort is more important then making money. I only own 3 later albums and Meat Puppets II so I didn't recognize much, but they were still fantastic. Chris (aged 48) looked 60, and was clearly nutz. He's had drug problems, tragedy, 24 months in jail and shoot in the back... but he was pretty peppy on stage.

Below is a couple of songs from the ATP new york show (which I missed sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle)

Up next was Dinosaur Jr. They take me back to high school when they were, and remain one of my favorite bands. Since J Mascis (42), Murph, and Lou Barlow (42) got back together the band has really regained form. Lou obviously has gotten comfortable... even playing on dino Jr songs he wasn't involved in the making of like the Wagon, Out There, and Feel the Pain. There's just something about Lou's intensity combined with J Mascic's shy teenager lyrics. They ended the night playing quite possibly my favorite cover ever... this little ditty.

Built to Spill played their most acclaimed album Perfect From Now On. This album is filled with extended 8 minute long songs, and to be honest isn't one of my favorites... It all tends to morph into one long song for me. But they are one of the tightest rock bands ever. Doug Martsch (38) has been slowly gathering incredible muscisians around him and it shows. Though they are technically the best band of the bunch and the youngest they definitely move the least onstage. So I found a nice corner and enjoyed the music.

Ending the show Built to Spill played Carry the Zero with J mascis and the Kirkwood brothers on stage. It was pandamonium and went on for about 20 minutes... Curt yelling random shit into the mike. J playing a solo in the middle of the song then just noise. And Cris running around playing various instruments... including beating on BTS's poor cello. Fantastic I say.


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