Thursday, June 18, 2009

Start Today

So I saw Walter Schreifels last night. Walter has been around for years in bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand and Rival Schools mostly gaining fame in the hardcore scene. He's been one of my favorite artists for ages... especially in the way he has aged. Last night he played as a four piece with himself playing an acoustic guitar. The guys 40 what do you expect?

One of the great things about the the show was the fact that he played a little something from every band he's played in so it was a little bit of a time warp for me. The Quicksand stuff in particular was fantastic for me, he played thorn in my side and delusional, as Quicksand was the first real rock band I ever saw live (Genesis and Jon Melancamp don't count). They were opened for Helmet and I remember sending away to Revelation Records to get this little EP they had out. I was beyond thrilled when I got it.

But it's more than that... because Walter is not someone whom I listen to all the time like many of my other favorite acts it's weird to be transported back to different moments with the different songs. Good Things by rival schools brings me back to the early days of living in NY for me. Hands Up can take me back a few Summers to the time I moved to Astoria. Hell they even covered the Smith's Ask in a medley, which is a sure way to make me thing of my freshman year of college.

Regardless of all that... the guy also rocks live. Just the fact that he takes old hardcore tunes and turns them into acoustic pop ditties is freeking awesome. If you haven't heard him give one of his many bands a shot.

Delusional- Quicksand

Audrey- Walking Concert


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