Monday, January 30, 2006

Canadian Hippies

So I saw the Broken Social Scene collective on Saturday and boy were there alot of people on stage. Behind Belle and Sebastian and the always overcrowded Polyphonic Spree it was the most people I've seen on stage for a rock show. They put up a wall of sound and played for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Definately worth the price of admision (20 songs * an avg of 10 people on stage at a time = 200... divide the 25 bucks it cost for the show by 200 that's 12.5 cents per band member for each song.) Several band members also jumped into the crowd to hug people durring the thoroughly depressing Lovers Spit. I did not get a hug from the band though. (I'd make a sad face here with my keyboard but that shit is kinda anoying)
The take home message from the show was "teach your children to be assasins." Something any self respecting Canadian might think of the American political system... But look out Canadians... your political system is starting to turn in a not so liberal direction as well.
On other fronts... Well let's not speak of that for now... Well I'm trying to ignore everything else right now.


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