Sunday, May 20, 2007

Andrew Bird

Saw Mr. Bird again on thursday at Webster Hall. He looked a little lost on such a big stage. His oh so intimate act relegated to attempting to perform louder than the asshole new yorkers talking at a soft rock show. His band has swelled to three members now, and less of the creation aspect of his live show remains, this moves the show along faster, but takes away from the unique aspect of an Andrew Bird live show (The best of which was when i saw him as an opening act and alone).

That being said, quite a bit of the new stuff sounded fantastic, and very different than the arrangements found on the album. The old stuff was not pulled off with quite the care I had seen in the past. He also attempted the lamest crowd participation piece I've ever heard.
He asked the crowd to hum the violin part from his encore tables and chairs. First off, crowd participation doesn't work in NYC, a true new yorker is way too cool to sing along with everyone else, secondly,most people's voices do not have the range of a violin.