Friday, May 04, 2007


A few years ago I used to make fun of this commercial for Turkey turism.

I used to say "Come to Turkey... where we have the best acid in the world," after seeing the ridiculous mermaid flying through a Roman arch.

Well it appears as though I will be going to Turkey, where I'm fairly certain they do not have the best acid in the world. But they do have fantastic architechture, ruins, and a wonderfully diverse culture. I went to a photo gallery last night (The SOHO gallery 15 White St.) to see an exhibit of work by Attila Durak, whom traveled around Turkey, his home country, and photographed the people from the many different cultures within Turkey. It was a beautiful show, and has furthered my extreme excitement over this first trip across the Atlantic for me.

BTW I just got approved to take the time off.


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