Friday, May 11, 2007


Well it wasn't as good as the first time, but it still rocked. The show started out on a sore note as I realized my camera had been left at the bar I came from. A heartfelt thanks to the security at Webster Hall for letting me leave and go get my camera. So I ran on my gimpy leg a block to and from the bar, but my camera was still there.

So the show. Same incredible coordination between image and music, but with less use of straight white light and more focus on the movie aspect of the show. The new music was equal to Cornelius' previous work and although the album isn't out yet here (curious timing). Highlights had to be a film of a hand walking through various scenes (Once falling into jam and wiping it's feet off) that was eerily similar to a naked person with their arms behind their back. see it:

Another particularly interesting video involved stop motion and/or computer animation and a crazily growing sugar cube structure. see it:

The band was gracious, coming out for an encore, after bowing like they were in a Broadway play and taking pictures of the audience. For a band that seems so inclined to perfectionism their honest appreciation of the crowd and the clear sense that they enjoy playing in front of people is refreshing hear in the land of hipster beebop junkies.


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