Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thoughts on Cubs NLDS Game 1

So I was reading my game 3 blog from last year and it made me laugh... so I'm gonna do it again.

inn: top 2, LA: 0 Cubs: 0, 0 out

Crap... Pat and Ron are three pitches behind this sucks. I have to listen to Dick Stockton (whos older than dirt and can't pronounce names), Ron Darling (who'a just plain irritating, and Tony Gwynn (who might have the most annoying voice in broadcasting). At least I don't have to listen to Joe Morgan.

inn bot 2, LA:0 Cubs: 2, 1 out.

Now that's a good place to start. Gotta love the wind at Wrigley.

inn top 3, LA:0 Cubs: 2, 1 out.

that was the goofiest catch I've seen in a while.

inn bot 3, LA:0 Cubs: 2, 1 out.

No seriously... And you wont normally hear me say anything like this. I'd love to be listening to Chip Carey right now. These 3 are jack asses.

inn top 5, LA:0 Cubs: 2, 2 out, 2 on.

No shit it's the worst command of the season. time to get up the bullpen.

inn top 5, LA:0 Cubs: 2, 2 out, 2 on.

I love it when the coaches listen to my thoughts and get the bullpen up 30 seconds after I think it.

inn top 5, LA: 4 Cubs: 2, 2 out.

I'm going to get another beer.

Middle of the 5th. LA:4 Cubs:2

I love the old lady they keep showing who's sitting in front and wearing the silly Christmas hat.

inn 7, LA: 5 Cubs: 2, 0 out.

Manny ramirez is amazing... if the guy tried he would have been the best hitter of all time.

top 8, LA: 5 Cubs: 2, 0 out.

The home pate ump, Dale Scott, sort of sucks.. he's calling strikes three inches off the plate sometimes, and 3 inches below the knees sometimes... and calling he occasional ball over the plate. I want to punch him.

End of game cubs lose 7 - 2

Feel crappy... Didn't even make them pitch Saito.


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