Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Could it be... Good News?

Current mood: tenatively happy

So I'm definately not kicked out of my program. The test was declared at least somewhat on the faulty side and steps are being made to streamline the process. So the test will not count against my two chances of taking it.
However as my mind works these days I have allready began worrying about August. What sort of misery will I have pop up come late-July or early-August. Each test attempt has been ushered in by such wonderful news the last three times. Could it be possible that my taking of this test is cursed? Will I lose a limb in a strange cooking accident in July, or will I be struck by lightning next August? hmmmm my lease is up come August, and my landlord's son is dating my Ex. Could that be what happens, maybe I'll be forced to leave the place i've called home for 3 years the week of my test? Or will I actullay be able to have a clear head for a month leading into the test. I know, I know folks that there's allways something going on, but I hope that whatever the hell my drama is come August it will be at least a little less of the my life hinges in the balance sort of drama. Cause the test is in itself that... and quite frankly that's enough for me.


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