Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Well the Jim Reid didn't look strung out and bored because he was high as a kite and dieing of starvation on stage, he just looked bored. It's quite sad when reunion shows have no joy to them. All these 30 year olds are excited to reach back and touch their youth, and the band is so clearly up there trying to make a buck. Not that I'm against making a buck, but people want to feel some energy running through their minds, and JAMC had all the energy of a bunch of Romero zombies. I saw the Pixes, a band I didn't even like that much, and they rocked as hard as 40 year olds can. J Mascis and Lou Barlow seemed to actually enjoy the fact that they were resurrecting this gigantic guitar rock act. They even seemed to enjoy each others company. Even when I saw Urge Overkill, Nash and the King still acted like they were a young band on the cusp of stadium rock shows. All right it's not necessarily pretty at all times (a skinny-ass Nash Kato with his shirt off), but at least the bands seem to be trying to throw the energy back at the aging crowd. Like we are all trying to create some sort of fountain of youth for 2 hours together. JAMC, well... they just wanted a fountain of money.

I got right up front for the beginning, but up front was a not so nice a place, as asshole frat boys shoved their way into the crowd. I was aware of the fact that a little lackluster slam dancing would occur, and that doesn't bother me. But a beer got dumped on someone so I headed out of the danger zone.

Part of the problem could be I have decided that webster hall has shit sound. maybe it's good for the thumping base needed during a wet T-shirt contest, but for rock, the place sounds hollow. The other problem could be that I just quit smoking, and am now in a constant state of frustration and anger, with no real cause and no outlet for it. Oh well.


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