Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We went back to New Hampshire a couple weekends ago, and since I said a lot about our last trip there I’ll try to keep the commentary brief this time. My pictures are mostly just leaves and trees, but I want to share them anyway because everything looked like a guide book cover.

Ok so this first picture is not of leaves. We were sucked into a powerful roadside vortex that turned out to be a giant candle and holiday crap outlet, or as Bill called it, the Whitest Place on Earth. Look at how thrilled he is to be shopping for scented items that now inhabit his bathroom.

Here are the mountains surrounding our campground in Franconia Notch State Park. There were numerous bear sightings when we were there, but none by us.

This is what we saw everywhere:

Here are some views from our hike up Mt. Jefferson:

I am pretty certain that Bill would devote a few paragraphs to ranting about the ignorance (or indifference) of park visitors who feed wildlife. In deference to the blog’s owner I’ve included a picture of this guy feeding birds, who got an earful from Bill.

It was a relatively short trip. We meandered home through endless pretty, stopping somewhere in Vermont to pick up cheese and maple syrup, of course.


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