Friday, February 03, 2006


Something about the situation I was in was making me uncomfortable. And I was pretty sure it was the fact that sitting across from me was a six foot tall lobster. Its stalked eyes looked me up and down. I felt like a UPC symbol being read in the grocery store. Its elbows (I'm not sure if lobsters have elbows but it was the place where its forearms bent) were resting on the table and his claws stuck straight up into the air. In one of them a glass of cola fizzed. The other was holding a cigarette to the animal’s beak like mouth. Oddly, threw a crack in the crustations exoskeleton a patch of long brown hair fell down either side of the creatures face. It blew smoke rings art me and begun to babble something about the service at Denny's.
"I notice that little sign as I walked in about Denny's serving people no matter what race and I was so relieved. You wouldn't believe how hard it is for a six foot tall crustation to get good service these days. What the hell is this world coming to."
Some how when Jon asked me to take his friend out to eat I never expected this.


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