Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New goals

So I've been thinking about what I should be doing what my goals are and here they are big and small.

1. Bust my butt complete my PhD by December 2008.

2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------. (this goal has been edited out by friends due to the fact that I am trying to date... trust me it was funny if you knew me... but if you didn't well... you could get the wrong idea.)

3. Complete one study that one purpose or by accident (actually I'd perfer by accident that's almost allways more interesting) actually has an impact making a large number of substance abusers lives better.

4. See the damn Slubs win one world series.

5. Actually find a way to record one of the songs that floats around in my head, even though I have no musical ability whatsoever.

6. Finally finish the story I've been trying to write since I was 19.

then I can Die.


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