Sunday, August 20, 2006

A real solution to the war on terror

Let's face it killing innocent people does not solve much. It just pisses everyone off. A bunch of rich saudi assholes fund morons to fly planes into buildings, and piss off America. America bombs and kills 10s of thousands in Iraq, creating more morons who'd be willing to blow themselves up to kill people. Palistinians and Hezbollah bomb civilians in Israel, Israel blows up countries and runs over anti-war American protesters with bulldozers. This is all just silly, cyclical and just benifits the rich assholes who use fear to run the America.

So we need to think outside of the box. We can no longer fight fire with fire. This country invented the atomic bomb in 2 years. That kind of scientific force is necessary here. We need to fund a massive research project for a fuel that is enviornmentally sound, and a means to adjust our infastructure to move to the new fuel. This will cost a ton, and cause a large economic hit in the short run. But... provided we go through this shift it will give US car companies a huge head start on their japanese and European counterparts. Besides helping with global warming (it's happening kids, stop being fuckin' ostriches and pull your heads out of the ground) in the long run we wil have the technology the world is clamoring for. And therefore in the long run a huge economic boon.

What does this have to do with terrorists. Well This allows us to get the fuck out of the region. If we stop giving weapons to Israel, and a slew of other people in the region, and butt out of the fucked up issues the middle east deals with they will have less reasons to hate us. The new form of fuel will incredibly weaken the price of oil, which is where the terrorist get their money. Take away the money, you take away the ability to kill people.

Stop killing or be killed.



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