Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Been a while kids

So I haven't written anything up here for a while. And that is roughly because my life continues to suck. I was gonna write about how crappy apartment brokers were a week ago, as I was looking for an apartment. Now it looks like I'll be looking for a job too. Oh well. Shit happens kids... and in bunches. I waiting for a meteorite to crash through my car while I'm driving on the LIE totalling my car and killing 14. Then somehow the meteorite will give me colon cancer and they will have to cut the lower half of my body off. Well at least I'll get disability right?

I'll be back soon to tell everyone about how crappy apartment brokers and looking for a job is later. And if anyone wants to come out for the old 30th birthday party it will be at the bohemian hall and beer garden in Astoria on Friday. One of the coolest fucking places in the whole of NYC.


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