Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frightened Rabbit

So last night I went to a show thanks to A band by the name of frightened rabbit.

Well I went to north six... first thing that happened is I went to the bathroom and opened the door... to find what I only have to assume was the opening act's lead singer's mother grunting on the toilet and telling me "I'll..... be right.... out." Shit I wish there was someone there to laugh at that one.

The opening act Overlord sounded like Robert Pollard singing in front of a twee band. This is not a criticism or a praise... but just a statement of fact.

The next act, Batman and the Robins, was made up of a bunch of young boys, and were actually pretty good... think an indie rock version of early Green Day... no similarities in music, just all that youthful energy... to be honest they made me feel old. They did a great cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." Sure they were young and probably have no idea the actual beauty of the song, but they pulled it off all smiles.

Then came Frightened Rabbit... they were awesome.... I can't believe they only turned out 30 people. I can't describe them like I would a simple band (ie. they are like Robert Pollard singing for a twee band)... but this is what I emailed all the indie rockers I know.

" if you go see them live and don''t like them.... you are soulless... and an agent of the devil. "

A three piece band, ringing guitars, a harmonica playing drummer. Come on what's not to like.



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