Monday, March 12, 2007

When You Wake Up Feeling Old

So this weekend was a waste of sorts... save sunday night. I spent the day on friday at the college of Staten Island learning to perform ovarectamies and castrations on mice. Fun huh... Well it took two hours to get home in rush hour traffic and I had a headache... A friend whom I was supposed to meet up with saw a play the night before that was dreadful, and had a hangover herself. So she came over we ate some gyros, and had a couple of beers. When she left I figured I'd get an hour sleep ion before I went to see Matt and Kim @ the Bowery Ballroom.

So I laid down at like 8 PM to catch a nap... and woke up at 3 AM. Obviously I missed the show. On Saturday while I should have been working on a paper I spent most of the day playing baseball on my playstation. It was a beautiful day and I thought of taking my bike out... but I didn't. Considered doing some yoga... but I didn't. Considered going out to see a movie at a friend's place... but I didn't. But all things said the cubs went 23-5 that saturday.


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