Thursday, March 01, 2007

Car Towed

So my car got towed... on Tuesday night couple outstanding alternate side of the street tickets. I honestly did not believe they would tow me so quickly, and I was waiting for the old income tax refund to pay off some of my more extraneous bills. Well anyway we you come home to see your car gone first thought is "did someone steal my car?" After the shock of that you realize you have a couple of tickets and go check to see if they towed it.

I found out that I had to go to Jamaica queens to get my car. I also found out that they took exactly no credit cards... Which is ridiculous. So I took a shitload of cash out the bank, went to class, gave a presentation on visual perception, and solicited a ride via the blackboard. Clearly when you tow some one's car you want them to have to go somewhere impossible to get without using a subway and two trains. I got to the place where I immediately had to leave to go get exact change. The lady who worked there was one of these gruff no nonsense types of people... a trait that happens when your job requires you to deal with a large number of pissed off people at your job. After paying two weeks salary to get my car I got a sheet of paper telling me where my car was... which was no where near the place I was. No I was off to Whitestone NY, in the far northeast of Queens.

So I paid a car service 28 bucks to take me to the middle of nowhere to get my car. Where it was cold.. everyone smoked.. and some guy was very pissed off about the damage to his car. I was terrified that my registration wasn't going to be in my glove box and I wouldn't be able to get my car. The whole process took about 4 hours. Moral of the story.. pay your tickets immediately if you can't afford them... If you can afford to have tickets pay a high priced attorney to fight the city and rack up all the tickets you'd like.


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