Thursday, March 01, 2007


So I saw Sparklehorse last night... and they were incredibly disappointing. I saw them before and they blew the roof off the Bowery... but last night they were just flat. The band had the energy of a dieing caterpillar. Mark Linkous said he was sick... which might have explained why he sung all the songs into a distorted microphone, depriving the audience of a more clear view of his usually enchanting voice. The set list was mostly made up of the slower variety of Sparklehorse songs, and when it came to the few rock songs they played it sounded as though they were a 45 record being played @ 33 speed. I'll give the guy a break, depression is a bitch... but hopefully when he rolls through town again he'll have another show like the one at the Bowery. They are one of my favorite bands, they have a catalogue of music that shows a range few bands have. Sparklehorse have songs ranging from rock, to creepy ballad, to country crooning, to electronic pop, to just plain strange, and it's nice to hear all of that live.


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