Wednesday, February 07, 2007

24 and heroes

All right... warning... spoilers to follow.

So I've been officially watching 24 for to long. 24 has become completely predictable. I knew a nuclear bomb was going to go off at the end of hour 4 before they mentioned any suitcase nukes. Last week I fucking new that Chloe's husband was the person who would be required to reprogram the other nukes as soon as they said "he won't work willingly." And I knew Jack's dad was gonna kill Jack's brother 20 minutes in. So 24 loses the battle of what show I will watch on Monday.

Leaving Heroes is the best thing on TV now. Simple childhood superhero fantasy, robbing from many comics, but mostly X-men. You have a Rougue like absorber, a Wolverine like healer, a hulk like multiple personality disorder, your standard psychic, a large black man playing Shadowcat, who's son is roughly forge, a woman who has the preacher's power of speech, and a female human torch. The point where the show revolves, and becomes something special, is the little Japanese guy hiro (cheesy damn name writers, but i love it). This guy represents every little kid playing superheros' fantasy, that deep down inside you will save the world. They also recently added Christopher Eccleston to the cast as an invisible and wise man. The addition of a man who played Dr. Who is particularly interesting to this dork.


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