Friday, March 16, 2007

Broken ankles and broken doors

In honor of the pain I feel in my knee I'm gonna relate a story about my broken ankle.

In the summer of 91" the bulls were making their first championship run, and I was thrilled.
Playing basketball during halftime of an eastern conference finals game at my friend Hinkley's place I went up for a lay-up, while Hink's father shot a ball... I have to give him credit he hit nothing but net... however I was directly under the basket as the ball fell towards me. I dodged, but landed funny turning my ankle, some thing I'd been known to do. After watching the game and getting driven home, the pain and swelling made me realize this was not my usual problem. A trip to the emergency room proved it.

I had a cast put on at the emergency room, and an X-ray taken the next day after my last final on the last day of classes my freshman year of high school. When the Doctor came out to show me the X-ray he pointed to a less dense area with an obvious crack running through it. "See here kiddo." the doctor said pointing, "That's your growth plate, the cartilage that hardens into your bones. You have a crack running through it. Because I got a nice picture of the growth plate I can tell you something, and I've got good news and bad. Good news is you aint done growin'. Bad news is it's about an inch."

My family left for a family vacation a week later... after my brother, while learning to drive, hit the broad side of a bus. Instead of hitting the breaks, like a normal human, my brother hit the gas scraping the entire passenger side of the van against the bus. So on the 12-hour drive... my brother, mother, father, two grandmas, and my ankle and me had to climb through the driver side door every time we had to eat or pee.

When we finally got up there we got a new little motor boat and my mom had taken to dragging my brother behind it in an inner tube. My mother, seeing how left out I felt decided to wrap a garbage bag around my cast and drag me around as well. Well... a garbage bag is not exactly watertight so my cast got soaked. The itch inside my cast was unbearable. I remember undoing a wire hanger and sticking it down my cast to scrape my leg. When I finally got the cast off we found what was itching, some sort of fungus, my leg was a dark greenish color with red lines where I was scraping at it. My leg looked like some sort of Christmas ornament. euck.


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