Monday, March 19, 2007

More Korean Movies

So on the strength of the Host I rented another Korean movie. This time it was Save the Green Planet. This movie was all over the place, at times disturbing images of torture, at times a comedic farce, at times 70's horror, at times sci fi... I could go on. Somehow the filmmakers managed to make it work. This was largely done through creating phenomenal characters all of whom one, oddly enough considering the sheer peculiarity of all the characters, could relate to.

Basic premise is this... crazy guy kidnaps head of gigantic company and tortures him believing him to be an alien bent on destroying the world. However it is clear that there are all sorts of other reasons why this crazy guy has been kidnapping and killing people that make much more sense. So is this fella an alien or not, is roughly what you wonder as you run through the movie. Be prepared for grotesqueries however, but it's definitely worth a look.


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