Thursday, March 15, 2007

painful subway performers

So I played vollyball tonight. I don't know if it's metaphysically possible to fake out one of your own body parts, but I think I achieved it. My entire body went right and my knee went left. So I finished the game I was playing and hobbled to the subway not even changing out of my nasty sweats.

On the train here in New York there are often performers who attempt to get money from you by putting on a show. Mariachi bands are some of my favorites, as well as doo wap singers. Some are thoroughly irritating though... like the drum lady. Her drum is a drum with a busted top that she's placed duct tape over the top of. She bangs on it loudly with i a manner that lacks any sort of skill. And then she sings off key something like "I'm poor," "so I'm banging on my drum." " I got no money," "won't ya give me some." It never fails that when she walks into my car I'm exhausted and have a headache. Bad drumming is not good for a headache. Another variety are the kids who dance in the subway. They flip, throw around the small kid they have with them, and even mock ballet. Well tonight, right after they threw a 8 or 9 year old kid head first into the ceiling of the train ("Anybody got some aspirin?" one of the kids said after, making me chuckle), a guy flipped over his head with expertise... and landed square on my foot. Owww. I hope the kid didn't turn his ankle, but damn that hurt.


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