Friday, November 30, 2007

I now know who SHOULD be president

I'm not a conservative... that's pretty obvious. So I'm not even gonna consider the republicans as much as Ron Paul and John McCain are not bad guys. I even kind of like Huckabee... not as a politician... more like Bob Dole... he's just funny.

So on the the democrats... We have Hillary of course, she's shrewd and calculating and smart. But she's out of touch and sits on the fence way too much for me. Obama... the dreamer. He's got the heart you want from a democrat. But his oh so rosey view and flowery language seem a little naive. Yeah ,hope is great... but realistic answers are better. When John Edwards became the vice presidential candidate he turned into John Kerry's attack dog... someone should tell him he can stop.

So that brings me to who would they b=vote for if not in the election. Joe Biden.

He doesn't waft around issues... doesn't sit on the fence... and doresn;t have to attack everyone else. Cause he just gives a direct honest answer. And an answer that is taking into account the actual facts not the picture that we want... but the cold hard reality of the situation.

The 10 of you who read this take a look at Joe Biden if you can vote in the democratic primary. He needs help to become a national candidate.

Here's some of his debate answers.

Lastly we need to change party politics... I can't vote in the primary cause I'm an independant... this whole primary general situation sucks... So right now off the cuff I'll offer a rough solution

Put all the candidates on one ballot. And then like survivor drop people off if they can't reach a certain level. Take any candidate that can win 7.5% of the popular vote... then have a second election if no one gets 50% have another... break the candidate list to the top 2 and have a third election. this way everyone in america gets to decide who's president not just jack-ass party loyalists.


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