Friday, November 02, 2007

What I learned last night at the Figurines show

So last night I went to see this Danish band the Figurines. Now if the group of Danes in the crowd and on stage at the show last night are representitive of the Danish people then I have learned a few things. One the Danish are tall, and they are loud and do not shut the fuck up. Their language is inhearently funny sounding, (yes some foregin languages sound funny... french and theat clicking language from Africa sound funny, German and Turkish do not) and the men have the most ridiculous stupid hipster hair ever. I think what happened last night is I ran into a particular breed of foregin hipster found in New York City that the locals refer to as "Euro Trash." I don't want to offend the Danish... in fact I'm related to the second most famous Dane, Hans Christian Anderson.

The Figurines were hit or miss. The new stuff did not have the clever rock aspect of the bands first album "Skeleton." The singers ridiculous hair, facial expressions, (guess which one he is in the picture above... yep he's the one mouth agape) and Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree high pictched strange voice did not rwork with the new material. The old stuff rocked but wih a sound up front like this guy's voice, there is a need to offset with a particular style of music.

Opening for the Figurines was a Sydney band called Dappled Cities. I didn't know what to thisk... they are clearly talented... and they clearly are doing what they want almost embarrasingly so. Both singers hit high-pictched falsetto rumbles, and one alternates in Interpol like deep monotone with it. Up front and center is the pretty boy, on one side a guy who looks like he would be Wayne and Garth's friend, opposite side the other singer, a short haired bearded guy who dances around with his guitar in a way reminiscent of Kevin Bacon... when he was teaching Chris Penn how to dance in Footlose. So without any care to the hip crowd the band cooed and ahhed and rocked out. After the show I had a conversation with the singer with the kevin bacon dance, who seemed like a straightforward guy. Again confirming my ideas that Austrailians are like Midwestern Americans. I bought the CD and am interested to hear whether th recorded music will make me cringe or smile.


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