Friday, December 28, 2007

cancun (part 2)

Raul dropped us off with the other salesman... and we listened to him blabber on with lies for 2 hours. But we got a free golf game and 200 bucks for the spa.

We signed up to go on a couple of trips, and then split up. Me, my dad, and my mom, went to watch football. The Packers slaughtered the Panthers, the Bears got beat but the highlight was the incredibly drunk fifty year old fuckers who came and sat behind us. She was from Wisconsin (Packer fan) and he was from Illinois (Bear fan) and they were both pissed drunk. They yelled at each other much about how they were going to withhold sex depending on the results of the game. I turned around at the wrong moment as the woman pulled up her skirt revealing nothing but what looked like a poorly manicured bonzi tree and yelled "See this, you'll be getting none of this!" Thank fully I have no pictures to put here.

The next day we got up early and ran, then we grabbed some food and headed for the bus to Tulum. Tulum is a port city for the Mayan culture. We got our own little tour bus, cause there was not enough room on the bus for us. We stopped at a tourist trap type place where I bought a bobbly head turtle thingie for Rachel's mom and we saw this dude with the most ridiculous mullet known to man. He was a German guy and his mullet reached the middle of his back.

Talum itself was beautiful. A beautiful green plains with spattering of these stone buildings. The ocean was right next to the settlement as it was a port city for the Mayans.

We ended up in a place that was a resort/zoo. Over half of this resort was ravaged by a hurricane and left to rot. We snuck around the baracades to check out the damage. But the highlight was the animals. alligators, flamingos, wild cats. My brother fed a alcohol soaked lime to a spider monkey who really likes it. There were also these really cute rodent creatures.
Here are some pictures of some of the zoo creatures.


Spider Monkey:

Dignified Neanderthal:

Cute Rodent Video:


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