Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I went to Cancun for Thanksgiving (part 1)

And while I wait for these gigantic data sets to calculate I figured I'd share a little of the trip.

So I traveled on a red eye to Mexico City and on another flight from Mexico City to Cancun. It was Mexicanna Air. They were a different kind of airline. The seemed so laid back and so used to delays they didn't even bother confirming seats. Needless to say this was disturbing to a time obsessed American but all worked out.

We got to Cancun and the hotel, The Moon Palace, and checked in. We got these bracelets and as soon as we did some dude came over to give us drinks. Which was sweet. We dropped our stuff off at the room and went out by the pool and had quite a few drinks. That was the best thing about this place... all the food and drink you want. So after sleeping off the morning buzz my parents showed up. We had a nice meal with some mayan coffee, I don't know what was myan about it but it was alcoholic, had ice cream in it, and had been set on fire. And after quite some delays that night my brother showed up with his boyfriend, sadly without their luggage.

That morning we met Raul. A shady character Rachel immediately spotted as being placed in the hotel by the witness protection program after he turned states evidence against the Mexican mafia. He was there to inform us about the various options at the hotel for entertainment and to talk us into their two hour soft sell of shares of the hotel.

Don't let smiles fool you. Raul here wants to kill me for taking his picture, but is well aware of the assassin in my family (code name: Mother) keeping a close watch. That arm sling isn't fooling anyone Mom.


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