Monday, December 03, 2007

Blast from the past

Saw Mudhoney last night... performing all of SuperFuzzBigMuff. God damn they still rock. At 45 they look a hell of lot more clean cut than they did @ 30... but the music was still as dirty and "grungy" as ever. I had forgotten how much Mudhoney rocked live... hell the last time I saw them I had to pay some dude to buy me a beer and my parents picked us up from the Cabaret Metro in Chicago afterwards.

A bunch of other folks in their mid thirties took the opportunity to create the first mosh pit I have seen in close to a decade... certainly the first one I've seen in new york aside from idiots trying to touch Robert Pollard at a GBV show. The pit was funny... clearly a munch of older folks attempting to bounce around like in the good ole days... but it was definitely the safest pit I was ever in. Some idiot durring the second encore attempted to stage dive into a sparse crowd and face planted... sending an echo of laughter through the audience that was audible even over the music. And feeling proud of himself for entertaining the masses the jackass did it again... the second time it was not funny just a little sad.


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