Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tribune Co. CEO Sam Zell is an asshole

That's right you're a money grubbing asshole. The Tribune company for years has been mismanaging the Cubs and now this.,CST-NWS-wrig27.article

Note Sam Zell doesn't have the balls to run these comments in his own fuckin' paper the Tribune. What are you afraid of backlash? Seriously thouse of you who subscribe to the Tribune you should switch to the Sun Times... especially if you like baseball reporting.

Sam Zell you are a steaming pile of smelly, runny, dog poop, covered in malaria infested tsetse flies. Go ahead... rename the stadium... but ya can't change the sign out front that says Wrigley field cause ya can't... it's a landmark dipshit.

"A first-ever measure for a major professional sports venue in America, the designation protects Wrigley's exterior and unique features—its ivy-covered brick walls, marquee, grandstands, and manually operated scoreboard—but does not specify how the building must be used."

Hopefully those on the other side of the Landmark debate will decide that maybe full landmark status wouldn't be so bad. If just to stick it to Sam Zell. Make his precious assets loose a little value.

If you're in Chicago and you happen to see this asshole:

Remember it's Sam Zell and you should give him a piece of your mind. Note the lame Abraham Lincoln beard... this is because hair doesn't grow on his upper lip, or his balls... wait that's his head, note the money grubbing fingers clutching at dollar bills.... be careful, he does have a tight grip. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll have a heart attack... maybe whoever takes over at the Tribune will have a sense of history and respect for the fans who gave them so much fucking money.

Here's what this guy thinks of the news, a business he's in... thank you FCC for changing your regulations.

We're also talking about an real estate billionaire who blames Obama and Clinton (I shit you not) for the current economic woes. Asshole, you're in real estate... you're one of the reasons for the subprime loan mess (which he calls manageable... while real humans lose their homes because of the predatory practices of the subprime lenders) and you have the audacity to blame two decent human beings for the problems your kind caused. Seriously Sam Zell... you can die... the world does not need your species. I'm not advocating anything but the good lord taking him (pray for me, Kentucky lady) and delivering him into the hell he belongs.


At 12:00 AM, Blogger joseph said...

Those who watched The final season of the Wire on HBO can see the season was about Newspapers & owners like Sam Zell who are only interested in profit & not news that have people think & act upon the inequalities in the world!


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