Wednesday, January 16, 2008

more reaons why Obama is the better of the three dems

When asked what is your weakness was in the debate. Obama actually gave an answer he can be disorganized with his desk, and his papers. "I tell my staffers, don't give me that sheet of paper till two minutes before I need it, cause I'll lose it"

What do we get from the other two, political hack bullshit. Edwards: I care to much. Clinton: I'm too impatient for good things to happen to good people. What? You're weaknesses are that you just have TOO big of a heart. HACKS.... I've heard this crap before. You two should go back to doing what you do, and let us have a different type of politician.

There is virtually zero difference in policy between these three... The only real difference I see is the tone, the ability to inspire people outside of the system. Vote Obama.


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