Thursday, January 03, 2008

cancun (part 3)

After Talum we headed out to Chicen Itza, which was cool. However we had the most obnoxious tour guide, who alternated between treating us like children, and scolding us for being evil tourists who have ruined his culture. Us nasty tourists ruined their farming, their fishing and everything else good about mayan culture. Very angry man... My dad kept cracking jokes at him, which I found funny.

We ditched the group and ran around at Chicen Itza. The site was fairly impressive, including a sporting arena, and of course the pyramid.

After we went to lunch at a traditional place where these kids did dances with beer bottles on their heads. It was impressive and kind of silly at the same time. After getting home we went to an Italian restaurant that we had to wait way to long for... but at least we got to watch a Kyle Minogue concert video.


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