Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Rules

I saw the Halloween remake... and I think Rob Zombie has a distinct misunderstanding about what makes Micheal Myers scary. Micheal Myers was this little suburban kid, who slaughters his sister with a knife inexplicably. No explanation, no reason, just evil. What Mr Zombie does is make him a sympathetic killer, a tortured child from a broken home. Phooey on you Mr. Zombie.

Which brings me to my new rule. Stop remaking horror movies. No J horror remakes, 70's horror remakes, no remakes of any kind. If you're going to make a movie have the common decency to have an somewhat new idea. I know the viewing public is full of lazy shits who eat this shit up, but please don't give us what we want. Make us think a little... and at the very least scare us.


At 1:16 AM, Anonymous forest rph said...

I have the video but haven't watched it yet; and from your review not in a hurry to do so.


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