Monday, January 14, 2008

what I don't like about clinton

She's dirty. As far as I've heard it's not the Obama camp that's making a big deal out of the MLK statements she's made. It's the media. However Clinton is claiming that Obama is using this as an attack, meanwhile she's employing people like Bob Johnson to attack Obama on race, and an admitted use of drugs that Big Bill (whom I still love) clearly did as well.

here's Bob Johnson at a Clinton rally... I want to hear what people (names!) who are implying this attack on Clinton.

I think there is a chance here to run a different type of campaign, but Obama can, Clinton is more of the same. Here's Clinton using her own verbal blunder as an attack on Obama. Euck. Somehow it's Obama's fault the Hilary can't keep her ego in check.

Add this to the "Obama went to school at a medrassah" fairy tale and you have an idea of how Miss Clinton's campaign works. And if you don't believe that this came out of the Clinton camp then you live in a fairy tale.

Hilary Clinton would make a very good president. I honestly believe that, but I want America to undergo a new wave of patriotism, and I think Obama can bring a new generation into the political arena as JFK did.

** authors note... Obama's people were pushing the story. My bad. But there is still no need to attack on Obama's teen years.


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