Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nerds! (Ra Ra Riot and Bear Hands)

Saw Ra Ra Riot at the Bowery last night. The were really good... A bunch of silly nerds playing up tempo post college music. Hailing from Syracuse... sounding like they are from that Montreal scene.. they impressed. The lead singer has a high pitched heart of his sleeve sort of voice. Everyone else looks like band geeks from high school. For some reason I like the nerd bands. They are a six piece, guitar/keyboards, bass, cello, violin, drums and vocals. Play an upbeat sounding high energy light rock.

My favorite thing had to be the Hounds of Love cover they pulled out for an encore.

They stuck around to play a song they'd played all ready for an encore... which is just kinda lame. If you don't have another song ya kinda have to go.

Openers bear hands (My girlfriend and I both agreed that they needed to change the name Bear Claw... seemed far more appropriate) were really good, provided you did not turn around to see the 4 kids on stage act like rock stars. Particularly pleasant was the Bass player's propensity to cock his head back and spit up fountains of phlegm into the air... which I would imagine made someone uncomfortable. It was kind of funny, cause if I were a kid I would have loved these guys... they just looked so silly to my older eyes.

Lastly this show had a crowd that was very young and very, very ugly... I haven't seen a show this ugly since elf power @ the knitting factory.
Euck. Ugly.


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