Thursday, October 30, 2008

NES games

So I've gotten a new addiction.

Buying downloads of old NES games for my Wii. It started with MegaMan games, Kid Icarus, and Ninja Gaiden. Then I was ready. I downloaded Metroid. I was immediately transported back to when I played this with the whole family back in 88 when my Dad's friend lent me a Nintendo (which my parent were against me getting). The whole family sat around the TV and discussed strategy for finding all the pieces we needed to destroy the evil Metroid. My mom, brother and I took turns playing while my dad half watched while reading a newspaper (Video games not being his thing, my mom on the other hand made the score flip twice on Missile Command in 82'). I remember it as one of those family events... my family has always rallied around games (usually a card, or table game but the occasional video game)... but this one just sort of stuck with me.

Then there is the ending. After all that time hunting for items and fighting the little blobs of color with your armored character you win the game and it is revealed that our hero, Samus, is a woman. Ahhhh brilliant.


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