Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Birds in the Subway

People will tell you this is bullshit. I know they will cause I've been accused of it. But it happened.

There is a culture of birds living in the subway tunnels. (There is also a family of sparrows living in the Delta international terminal at JFK airport... but that's another story) Sparrows are allways flying around at 59th st. But one day I was on the 6 trail headed downtown. This was when I still lived on 92nd and I was headed down to Union Square. There was a pidgeon who got on the subway at 86th st. It walked onto the mostly subway car like a bored comuter. The doors shut behind it, then the pidgeon turned around and faced the door like it was ready to get out. The pidgeon stood still, I could imagine it tapping it's foot in impatient anticipation. The subway came to a stop at 77th st. The doors opened and the pidgeon looked to the left and the right. then just stood there. Obviously this was not the pidgeon's stop. The doors shut again and the pidgeon just stood there. At 68th st the doors opened and the pidgeon walked out. I was dumbfounded.


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