Saturday, February 18, 2006


Coming from Chicago to the very international city of New York, I've
had some problems with accents. Give me a Polish or a Ukrainian, or a
Latvian accent I'm fine. Anything eastern European. Outside of that,
me and my ringing ears have a hard time with al the new accents I'm
exposed to here in NYC. For example:

My first job here in New York was working at a video store on the
upper east side. I would work at one of two stores as a clerk doing
clerky duties. I was in the store once and a dread-locked woman came
in with one of the oddest accents I've ever heard. It was explained
to me later that she was a Jamaican woman who'd lived in Germany for
some time. She came in and asked for the movie "Gorillas Hunting"
"What?" I responded.
"Go-rill-as Hunt-ing" She responded slow pronouncing each and every syllable.
"Let me see if we have that?" I went over the computer and looked it
up. "Nope sorry ma'am, no Gorilas Hunting."
Another clerk came over and said "Yes we have the movie Good Will Hunting."


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