Friday, March 10, 2006

Belle and Sebastian

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Saw Belle and Sebastian last Friday. They played a venue I hadn't been too, the Nokia Theater. It's in time's square, which sucks. But the sound was pretty good, and I got to sit down. Which I enjoy these days... getting older I guess.

The openers The New Pornographers were unimpressive, but that was more to do with a bad mix. I'm not a huge fan of their recorded work, but I can tell they were better than they sounded.

Belle and Sebastian were great. The band was smaller than the previous times I saw them, but it didn't matter. They have a sense for what makes a good pop tune. Much of the newest album I was lukewarm on when I heard it recorded, but live it took on a much more fan friendly form. The old stuff, well tunes like Women's Realm, Get me a Way From Here I'm Dieing and Electronic are just fantastic songs.

(I think Jack Bauer is about to cry)

Well anyway, the croud was a little obnoxious, about 20 people insisted on yelling they're favorite songs over and over. Though one guy loudly caawing like a raven over the idiots yelling made me laugh.



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