Monday, April 03, 2006

The Flaming Lips

So I saw the lips play a small show at Webster hall on Saturday. I went with a lovelorn friend of mine, so needless to say we weren't the happiest pair walking in. The bouncer even remarked that we "Smiled too Much."

The openers Pink Mountaintops seemed like two bands. One was fantastic with great rythmatic emotional riffs. The other was slow brooding and boring. I'm definately gonna give the band a listen cause when they were good they were very very good.

The Lips came out and anounced VIA video presentation that the show that was about to occur would change our lives. Well they wren't quite that good but it really picked me up. The highlight of the evening had to be the lips cover of Bohemian Rapsodie. I was allways kinda annoyed by the song when I was younger but I actually listened to the words and it's quite the "I got fucked over anthem." They also unleashed Black Sabath's War Pigs, which was basically a straight up cover. Outside of that 2 of the new songs, the yeah yeah yeah song and the W.A.N.D. were the best things they played. And they even unleashed Love Yer Brain from Oh My GAWD!!!!, but it's obviously from the era where the Lips just quite frankly weren't very good. But it was nice to hear something old.

So now for my complaint. The Flaming lips are into giving the crowd what they want. But honestly, do they really have to play She don't use jelly every show. I've seen them 18 times now (yeah I know it's a little obsessive) and they have not once failed to play it. I wish they would mix it up a bit more when it comes to they're own material.

Afterwards I went out to a bar, and Jack White was there. Not all that interesting I know... Jack white was so 2 years ago, but it made me think of the ex who was always a little wet for they guy. Oh well... no escape.


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