Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Glorious Long Island City Gentrified

I love my neighborhood. I'm in between the Queensborough bridge and the midtown tunnel a few blocks east of the east river. Hopefully I will get to live out the remainder of my time in NYC there (see my first entry Crap Year if you want to know why that might be difficult). There are a couple of bars I really like, a couple of restaurants I really like, lots of outdoor seating, a park on the corner... hell there's even a strip club down the block (I haven't been there yet). However there is a problem with my beloved neighborhood. It seems to be the new place to build. They rezoned it and now there are at least 4 highrise apartment buildings that are going up this year.

When I was on the upper east side and I heard Woody Allen complaining about a bank building a 10 story building I thought it was ridiculous. I mean it's the Upper East Side. It's already a hodge podge of architecture and styles. And he's just a rich guy who's gonna loose some of his sunlight. But in LIC, I mean come on. Did they need to take down our smoke stacks? Makes me realize that when you find a place you love you wont want them to change a thing. But folks, this is NYC so we are all going to have to deal.


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