Friday, April 07, 2006

Squirrels of Central Park... Unite and take over.

All right the kids liked the animal story from last week, and I have another one. But sadly it isn't mind. This is second hand information so I can not garauntee it's authenticity like I could with the pidgeon. However

A friend of a friend (well they were a friend) was sitting in central park nibbling on her sandwich. Squirels were running about to and fro, trying to gather up food for their tree holes. This girl tossed alittle of her crust at a squirrel and it walked over sniffed it. Then from above a hawk (one of those nasty fuckers nesting in the apartments on 5th ave (pissing off a bunch of rich snotty assholes) swooped down and grabbed the squirrel in its talons. The suirrel twisted and shook as the hawk flew up to a branch. Landing the hawk began to drop it's beak down and tear at the poor tree rat.

Then the oddest thing happened. Squirrels started coming out from all over. They were unleashing this strange cry "EEEEEEEEEEEE" 10 or more squirrels were screaming at the hawk. Keeping their distance but growing closer as their numbers increased. The squirrels seemed to be massong for a charge. "EEEEEEEEEKKK" they squeeled. As the hawk feasted he paye'd no mind. But as the numbers swealed to 16 or 17 squirrels he looked up like "what the fuck, I've never seen that happen before." It took one more swipe at the squirrel with it's beak and then flew off, wither satiated or scared... your call.


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