Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why do duos need to get married then divorced?

Well at least Quasi doesn't have to pretend that their brother and sister. All they do is perform as tight as two people can. Janet Weiss is one of the few drummers that can make me turn my head. Like my friend Paul Nudd once said "A drummer is a drummer is a drummer." Occasionally this addage is not true. The Sleater-Kinny drummer is phenomenal. But part of what makes her sound so good is the fact that organist/guitarist Sam Coomes is playing perfectly in time with her. The organ becomes not just a melodic instrument but a second percusion instrument as the keys are pounded on discordantly in perfect time.

The set consisted mostly of tracks from the most recent two albums, but they threw out a few oldies but goodies like Birds, and Our Happiness is Guaranteed. There was also a couple of guys behind me screaming for songs with the titles of "I Fucked Myself" and "I Never Want to See You Again" Which made for some interesting stage banter. The "I Fucked Myself" guy won out as Quasi played the song.

The show was in Williamsburg so their had to be at least one overly hyped Williamsburg rock star present. It was Devendra Barnhart tonight. People were having their picture taken with him. But remember kids this is Williamsburg where half the neighborhood looks like bearded hippies.

Quasi have a new record out... I haven't heard it yet, but the band has yet to produce something hasn't rocked.


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