Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ignore the Positive... Accentuate the Negative

So I have this buddy in graduate school that came across a real interesting finding between men and women. What he found is that women evaluate negative stimuli normally, but they evaluate positive stimuli less when paired with neutral stimuli, and neutral stimuli less when paired with negative stimuli. So what we have here is evidence that women evaluate the negative and ignore the positive. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Your girlfriend, wife, lover, etc... Nags you about not doing the dishes the right way, when you did them anyway. Not remembering her favorite color when you buy her a fancy dress. You make a fancy meal with a cake for her birthday and all she can see is that you forgot her favorite icing. Women see all the little stuff, and harp on it, and all the guy can do (that if he's not a womanizing ass... Men have there own set of problems but I haven't seen a neuropsych study explaining ass hole men and why women love them) is say "But I love you..."

Evolutionarily this makes sense. Women view the world in pieces. They have to examine every little issue because they are choosing which one of us dumb fucks they are going to have children with. While men view the world more globally, as they are designed to spread around. Men look past faults because they are designed to just have as many babies as possible. Society tries desperately to cover up these basic instincts up with religion, education, and stigma. But folks face it... humans are just another animal.


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