Thursday, June 07, 2007

What scares me the most

I watched the Republican debates... and what scared me more than anything was Mayor Giuliani. I know there are gay bashers, abortion killers, pro-death penalty, and some down right silly views on social issues. I feel that the American people will not let those ignorant numbnuts take away our rights. But Giuliani...

Giuliani in this debate mentioned, and mentioned passively, that the US military needs to learn nation building. Has he been watching what is going on? Has he had his head in the sand like some sort of idiotic ostrich? Nation building is a bad idea. We should not be running around the world and trying to set up pro-US governments. Not only is this next to impossible but this is one huge chunk of why the rest of the world hates us (and yes Mr. Giuliani our actions caused the hatred that lead to the events of 9/11... no one is saying it was justified, no one's saying it's OK that it happened, just that our actions around the world affect people).

In the debate in south Carolina, Giuliani displayed his ignorance about the reasons why the middle east hates us. Any person who believes that the middle east hates us because of our "freedom", the way we treat women (as if we treat them so fucking good), or because their religion dictates that they kill all infidels (as an uncle and I argued last summer) is an idiot. The reason why people hate the US is because we stick our noses in everything. No one cares about Canada. Everyone likes Canada. That's cause their below the radar, they stay out of shit. Come one who hates the swiss (well actually I kind of hate the swiss) The Islamic fundamentalist angle has more to do with the people in charge using religion to get what they want...America out of their countries so they can get the other things they want... money and power. The US is a tool the criminals who run these countries use to control their population and oppress them. Giuliani's idiotic notion that the actions that the US government has taken (A small list: overthrowing a democratically elected government of Iran in the 50's cause we wanted more oil, giving guns to Afghanastan which they used to shoot their own people after they fought with the Russians, giving guns to Iraq which they used to shoot their own people after they fought with the Iranians, setting up military bases in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq) has had no impact on the views of people in the mideast is one of the most dangerous ideas being presented in this presidential election.

a little rambling but I think you get my point.


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