Monday, March 17, 2008

Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens

I have had one of those weekends... Well this weekend was one of those weekends. Friday was nice Went and saw a ridiculous overacted play called Mastiphicus Meglodon. It was funny... but when it got overly serious I had to bite my tongue to keep from hysterically laughing. I haven't seen anything like this since the Armory Free Theater in Champaign Urbana.

Well saturday morning my knee completely crapped out on me. I was in agony for a day... decided against going to the ER on Sunday because I could find no record of my account with the insurance company. Good idea too, cause there was a problem... But it was taken care of thanks to the wonderful people I now work with.

My trip to the ER was pitiful however. I went to mount Siani of Queens. In the ER I dealt with an overberring woman who greets you... very concerned with people getting hit by an opening door. When I finally got back to get the X-ray taken I waited while one woman kept saying the person who would do my X-ray would be right back. 15 minutes later a woman came in, the other left , and a third came in to gossip about the first one. Very professional. I got the X-ray... at one point the lady shoved on my busted knee to move it in position which is infuriating. You'd think that someone who does this for a living would know not to push on people's damged limbs.

Then I saw a PA... who was clearly not ready to work with an informed patient. She started by telling me that "there are these strings which connect your bones called ligaments." It was like ER meets Sesame Street. "I read your X-ray and you have nothing broken... so you have a knee sprain."

I responded, "Well and X-ray only tells you about the knee being broken, you would need to do an MRI to determine whether or not it was sprained, or their was a ligament tear, or a cartilage tear. Do you have an MRI?"

"No we don't have an MRI" this PA said with a look of a deer in the headlights. She went on to give me a Rx strength ibuprofen (she made a big deal of this medication... I informed her the same effect can be achieved by taking 3 regular strength). Then she gave me script for 6 Vicoden, put a knee brace on me upside down and crooked, and then invited me to stand on the busted leg, wincing in pain I sat back down.

All in all I would say that they were incompetent. note: when I got a copy of my X-rays yesterday I had to go to their MRI department to get them.

Anyway if you know me... I can't bear weight on my left leg due to a "locked knee," I will need Arthroscopic surgery, and I've missed three concerts in the last week.


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