Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How to get New Yorkers to Smile

So I've busted up my knee.. need surgery all that fun stuff.

But out of this experience comes one truth that is good. Even grumpy ass New Yorkers love a dude on crutches. As I struggle around day to day I've come to notice everyone is smiling at me. Doesn't matter age, sex, color, everyone gets that nervous "what happened to you, glad it's not me" smile on their face as I deal with them.

This morning entering a coffee shop, an elderly lady bolted across 10 feet to open the door for me. A hipster at the counter was angrily querying the lady behind the counter about why his order wasn't done, then turned to see me, smiled and let me go in front of him. I asked for something that was on a counter, mentioned I needed a bag to go grab it, and before I knew what was happening an Asian customer ran over and grabbed it for me. Then while trying to pour some liquid sugar into my iced coffee my crutch slipped out from my armpit, and smacked this mustached business man in the face. He looked up, smiled at me, and said "what happened to my leg?" As I was leaving the place, pushing the door open with my head a black construction worker outside saw my sorry display and dashed over to open the door for me, all while whistling at a hot girl walking by. God, sometimes I love New York.

So if you're having a bad day. Pull out the crutches and see if people treat ya a bit different (warning don't go on the subway and test this theory... people are to pissed and trained to ignore one another down there).


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